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Science, property, and finance are widely recognized as three major fundamentals in generating wealth. These three fundamentals have been intertwining with each other, emerging as Cross Border Wealth! Typical examples such as IT crossing Finance is called Fintech, IT crossing Property is called Smart building and so forth. So, there’s the question! How to cross border the collaboration ? It starts with data and information, for more details, kindly log on to , the most trusted emerging cross-border collaboration platform in the field of Science, Property, and Finance.

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Finance in Malaysia

  All of the finance management and policies tasks in Malaysia are formulated and managed by Malaysia Ministry of Finance. Malaysia Ministry of Finance has ensured to sustain and continue the economic growth; effective and prudent financial management and prosperity for the people and the nation Malaysia. Besides, Malaysia enactment of Finance Act 2017 has … Continue reading Finance in Malaysia

National Transformation 50 (TN50) in Science and Technology

  National Transformation 2050 or TN 2050 is launched in 2017 as a preparation for Malaysia for the next 50 years ahead after the Vision 2020(1991-2020). As Malaysia celebrate its 60th independence this year, this plan is to prepare Malaysia for the next 30 years and to improve from a developed nation to be one of … Continue reading National Transformation 50 (TN50) in Science and Technology

Procurement of Property in Malaysia

  First and foremost, Malaysian property is still super affordable. Regardless the high growth over the last two decades as mentioned by FIABCI president Ir Yeow Thit Sang, “Today, prices are two to three times more than what it was in 2003, and the percentage of young buyers has dipped some 20 percent as salaries don’t commensurate with … Continue reading Procurement of Property in Malaysia

Interested in Investing? Malaysia Real Estate is an Excellent Choice!

  Optimistic about the prospects for the development of real estate in Malaysia Nowadays in Malaysian real estate, house prices have rose significantly higher but has it reached its peak? The answer is not exactly yes. Malaysia are rich in natural resources, with weather like summer throughout the whole year, cheaper living expenses, and located … Continue reading Interested in Investing? Malaysia Real Estate is an Excellent Choice!

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