Brunei Research Council (BRC)



The Brunei Research Council (BRC) was established by Government, to promote and encourage research which can change to national development. The Brunei Research Council Secretariat is located at the Department of Economic Planning and Development(JPKE), Prime Minister’s Office. A special fund known as the BRC Fund has been allocated at BND 200 million under the 10th National Development Plan (NDP10).

Aim of Brunei Research Council (BRC)

Brunei Research Council aims to encourage research and development (R&D) and creativity to support national improvement efforts towards realizing ‘Wawasan Brunei 2035’ and beyond. Brunei Research Council also aims to encourage research in all fields and subjects with a particular focus on Science, Technology and Engineering, Social Science and Arts and Culture.

Funding Priorities of Brunei Research Council (BRC)

Benefits and effort of any research projects must be identified and priority will be given to those research proposals that possess most of the following elements:

● Research that has the potential for human capital development;

● discovery of new knowledge and technology;

● development of new products or improvement of existing products, processes, systems or services that may lead to increase in productivity in all sectors in the economy and commercialization.

Eligibility of Brunei Research Council (BRC)

Brunei Research Council fund is open to all researchers who are employed on a permanent or contractual basis from the following organization:

■ Brunei-based Institutions of Higher Learning (IHLs)

■ Brunei-based Research Institutions (RIs)

■ Public sector(subject to collaboration with the IHLs or RIs)

■ Non-profitOrganizations (subject to collaboration with the IHLs or RIs)

√ The service of a contract researcher must be valid during the period of research proposed and contractual documents must be furnished as proof of employment for the period.

√ Principal Researchers can only lead one (1)project at any time.

√ Principal Researchers must be based in BruneiDarussalam.

√ Companies are eligible to apply for research funding under the Brunei Research Incentive Scheme (BRISc). Further information on BRISc may be referred to the Brunei Economic Development Board (BEDB)

√ The research proposals must not be already funded by other agencies locally or internationally..

Project Duration

The project duration, including completion of the Final Report and all

miscellaneous project activities, shall not exceed three(3) years. The proposed project schedule includes the preparation of a final report.