China and Malaysia Jointly Promote The Industrial Park In Cooperation Focusing The Technology Industry



In the present, China and Malaysia have two industrial parks which are China-Malaysia Qing Zhou Industrial Park and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park. The two parks were built as a “two-country twin parks” model of the national strategic level; creating a new model of international production cooperation and a pioneering exploration of China’s “one way” initiative. In concern to China and Malaysia bilateral business cooperation and investment in new opportunities, they focused on the technology industry.

There Is a Space to Invest In Malaysia

In the ASEAN countries scope, we can put high expectation in Malaysia investment. Based on Malaysia good economic base, stable political and economic environment, harmonious and diverse social form, Malaysia is a country full of business opportunities and attracted to foreign direct investment. It is very suitable as a gateway for China to invest in ASEAN.

In order to attract more enterprises, China and Malaysia Industrial Park has provided benefits in the tax, finance, land and other aspects to focus on the development of high-end equipment manufacturing and intelligent manufacturing, new energy and energy saving, biotechnology and modern medicine, the Internet and a new generation of information technology, Cross-border services and other high-tech industries, as well as halal food, bird’s nest, rubber, palm oil deep processing and other traditional industries.

Promote Deep Cooperation between The Two Countries

The method to effectively promote China-Malaysian enterprises to further pragmatic cooperation is now the biggest concern. It is noted that the real access to high-tech fields that can drive high-value economic transformation of the investment is not much since most of it is still concentrated in the real estate field. The trade and investment structure of the two countries still need to be optimized. In terms of industry, the two countries of the chemical, medical, electronics and other industries are lack of the relevant professional bodies for docking and guidance. The unique advantages of Malaysia to stimulate the “the Belt and Road” potential to guide the enterprises out of the investment will have the potential without investment difficulties.