Interested in Investing? Malaysia Real Estate is an Excellent Choice!



Optimistic about the prospects for the development of real estate in Malaysia

Nowadays in Malaysian real estate, house prices have rose significantly higher but has it reached its peak? The answer is not exactly yes. Malaysia are rich in natural resources, with weather like summer throughout the whole year, cheaper living expenses, and located at the center of the ASEAN countries, where the higher level of education for children to study abroad and languages learning environment is part of the advantage. Many people are confident with the future development of Malaysian real estate! Investment in real estate has always been hedging and resisting inflation. At that time, not only the real estate prices will raise, the return of investment will also be relatively reduced; since it rose to a vertex, the return of investment may be less than 5%.

People say: “raising children to be secured in the old days,” but in my opinion, it goes, “buying a house to be secured in the old days.” Malaysian land has been declared as the “Golden Decade”, Malaysian property market looks similar to China’s in 1999; the annual property rose as high as 15-20% and the return is amazing. Who do not want to use today’s vision and wisdom to seize the opportunity of the previous 15 years of China legacy? At present, many large domestic real estate businesses have set eyes for Malaysian real estate.

Conform to the new trend of “housing education.”

“Housing to learn” expression refers to house purchased in overseas and earned income through rental of the house to pay the expenses of children studying abroad. In fact, this topic of housing is very popular amongst foreign countries. Now, more than ever, foreign students have chosen to invest in real estate; students also have begun to learn the ropes around the real estate investment.

In addition, this “housing to learn” incentive can afford us to earn lots of income; more students’ parents have also begun to accept this concept. In the “renting is not as good as buying a house” saying, many students’ parents began to consider the choice of housing for their children. However, most of the students are lack of experience in house investing, and to make the matter worse, their parents are in foreign countries and they do not have sufficient market information on various housing and policy understanding. Hence, this cannot be a good choice, resulting in many students to lose the best investment opportunities.

There is even the case of some foreign students who did not buy their own ideal room up until their graduation. They can only watch how the other people’s house value keep rising while they earn themselves their own tuition fees, and even surplus. In the end, they regretted themselves for not focusing on housing investment market.

This concept is very suitable for students who are studying in Malaysia. Studying in Malaysia has already made a huge difference in cost comparable; the fee is only 1/4 or 1/3 the fees of that studying in Europe and America. Moreover, they can also be transferred to third country procedures which are considered very convenient in Malaysia. So, it’s a great opportunity for foreign student to transfer to Europe and the United States from Malaysia. Furthermore, the return of Malaysian real estate rental is very impressive, a conservative estimation of 4-5%, so this “rent is not as good as buying a house” concept is completely feasible in Malaysia. It is a privilege for the foreign students who are studying in Malaysia.