National Transformation 50 (TN50) in Science and Technology



National Transformation 2050 or TN 2050 is launched in 2017 as a preparation for Malaysia for the next 50 years ahead after the Vision 2020(1991-2020). As Malaysia celebrate its 60th independence this year, this plan is to prepare Malaysia for the next 30 years and to improve from a developed nation to be one of the top countries in the world in terms of economic, development, citizen well-being and innovation in technology and science. ‘TN 50 approach in information technology where everything is handled by latest tech which will exist at the time, from human workers to robot workers, where the robot carry our physical work which previously done by human workforce.  This will also make the commercial space travel a reality with collaboration of Malaysian aerospace experts and United States aerospace experts to make the commercial space travel a dream come true.  In the future, all building will be connected with each other with excellent public transportation which require less walking and convenience commute between cities and states in Malaysia.  Latest tech will also detect potential disease that will attack our body by planting nanotechnology chips in our body and also increase the Malaysian life expectancy from 70 years old to 150 years old, with advancement in biotechnology.

TN 50 is a continuation of Vision 2020, which prepares Malaysia for the advancement of technology and also challenges in economic situation in the future and to maintain effectiveness of managing Malaysian economy to be like China, who is the economic superpower in the world after United States of America and European Union. Malaysia can join one of the top countries in the world that have significant advancement in economy, sports, technology and science, finance and property and other sector as well.  This mission can’t be achieved without the cooperation of Malaysian citizens and the government.  TN 2050 also aims to develop the rural areas in Sabah, Sarawak, Malaysian east coast states to urban cities in the coming 50 years and also bring education to the rural people in the area stated.

Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) through  Academy of Science Malaysia has conducted  a study called as Malaysia 2050 which includes science studies did by other researchers since 2009 to mainstream  (STI- science, technology and innovation) and a create a vision beyond 2020, which we called as National Transformation 2050.  This study states that in 2050, Malaysia will be having smart community (e-community) where use of science, technology and innovation which will display the characteristics of prosperous and sustainable to create wealth and improve the well-being of societal eco-system.  Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI)  Datuk Seri Panglima Madius Tangau,  mentioned that they are identifying mega trends/current trends and new areas  for research and development which will create value for  Malaysian economy.  ASM’s Mega Science Project focused on   furniture, automotive, tourism, creative and tourism which will produce better innovations in the future.

However there is a challenge that stands ahead, which is  encouraging all sectors to move to  the latest technology which will takes time and problems such as cultural and traditional thinking where some  refuse to adapt to new  technology that exist nowadays.  Nowadays, computer and automation are improved and connect remotely to a system that  require less human assistance, which will change the way we work, live and interact with each other.   The Malaysia 2050 initiative that currently ongoing will place Malaysia’s science and technology industry which will ensure that we are prepared for the future industrial revolutions in future time.  Wealth is created through knowledge and innovation and building the suitable ecosystem is important and development of economic sectors with adoption of industry 4.0 for future national competitiveness which will eventually will upgrade Malaysia to the same level as other developed nations.

Multimedia Development Corporation was established to promote the ICT sector and ensuring the success of multimedia super corridor and companies operating under it. It was set up to make sure that necessary linkages and creating a vibrant ICT industry.  MDC also an advisor to government on law, policies, and development related to ICT industry and MSC specific practice and promote their services locally and globally. Technology Park were established to provide infrastructure and services for innovation in technology to enable companies that have knowledge-based enterprise to grow and compete in global marketplace and to form cooperation between government and private sector in technology development. However in 28th March 2011, according to a report, it was found that Malaysia has failed to implement science, technology and innovation strategies and has only moderate success in certain sector. The poor implementation of STI which caused Malaysia’s performance in STI index stands at moderate. It also stated that Malaysia is excellent in development but weak in implementation.  Unless this issue is rectified, Malaysia won’t be heading anywhere and will be standing at moderate status or even drop further down in the ranking.

Nowadays, several countries are transforming their rural villagers and areas into urban cities towards smart cities and smart villages, where all will be connected with necessities such as electricity, traffic, accommodation, eateries and communications. This will be managed effectively with excellent technological infrastructure and also targeted to tackle energy conversation issues which with effective implementation by Malaysian government, we will be one of the top countries that excel in science and technology sector and in 2011, Malaysia has joined Antarctic Treaty which regulate international relations related to Antarctica, a place without human population.

Technology advancement has shown us that everything now and the future will be handled by technology. If in the past we use letter to talk to someone or face to face, now everything is by social media and email. The advancement of technology has successfully brought Malaysian first astronaut to space in 2007, with collaboration with Russia where Soyuz TMA-11 is boarded by our Malaysian astronaut Dato Sheikh Muzaphar, flying to space as a guest on Russian spacecraft, to explore the International Space Station and, we are now trying to be like them by improving our Malaysian aerospace industry so that we will be like Russia, United States and China in the future. Malaysian is also currently exploring nuclear power as a replacement for fossil fuel that will be depleted soon and emergency replacement is needed. However further study and precaution is needed to avoid 1986 Chernobyl and Fukushima disaster (2011 Tohoku earthquake) from recurring in Malaysia, which all Malaysian currently fear off due to our incapability to handle current infrastructure that we have now.  We also have video conference or tele-conference system, where oversea people can communicate with Malaysian people where this system is widely used in international and local companies in Malaysia, where it reduced the need of email conversation, which is slow and problematic.  In 50 years, biotechnology will be more advanced by now and will help the farmers to do their farming jobs which will increase the world’s food production and eventually reduce hunger, especially in Africa and rural areas in other parts of the world, especially Russian continent, American continent and other continent in the world, and eventually, Malaysia itself. Renewable energy is currently being explored as an alternative if the nuclear power plant were rejected by the citizens in Malaysia, which is solar, water, wind and biofuels.  Eco-friendly and sustainable building and public transportation are initiated in Malaysia to make sure that all building is eco-friendly to preserve the environment to stop the global warming from harming the world.

With all these advanced of technology, people no longer working in office but they will work from home and also in the future, instead of watching live Olympic Games or other international events only on TV, we can also watch it on special LED screen in all public transportation and buildings which will reduce the cost of bidding to air the event live on TV in Malaysia and eventually, the world. This will need cooperation between Malaysian government and Malaysian citizen itself to achieve TN 50 and we need to set aside differences in religion, race and culture to achieve TN 50, where Malaysia will join the top economic power ranking which currently dominated by China, Russia, United States, Japan, South Korea, United Kingdom and other country in the world that have excellent in maintaining high standard in science and technology plus economy development.

Together we achieve a better Malaysia