Finance Development in Cambodia

Ministry of Economy and Finance is responsible as an administrator of finance and economic affair in Cambodia.  This ministry is commission by Royal Kingdom of Cambodia to perform missions of guidance in economic and financial affairs.  Their duties is to  implement and monitor its  progress of government  economic and financial policies, management and coordination of … Continue reading Finance Development in Cambodia

Cambodia Property Development and Outlook

Cambodia’s property showcase has created at an inexorably quick pace over late years which has given outside financial specialists a scope of chances. Post Property got some knowledge from Simon Griffiths, the senior partner chief for CBRE Cambodia, to perceive what lays ahead for property and remote interest in 2017.  In 2015 saw a spike … Continue reading Cambodia Property Development and Outlook

Cambodian Science and Technology Development

  After gaining independence in 1945 from Netherlands,  Indonesia issued a document titled Constitution 1945 of Republic of Indonesia*, which is this document on chapter 31 emphasized the importance of science and technology development in Indonesia, especially after the WWII and last civil war in Indonesia.  Under Suharto, President of Indonesia at the time began … Continue reading Cambodian Science and Technology Development