Finance in Malaysia

  All of the finance management and policies tasks in Malaysia are formulated and managed by Malaysia Ministry of Finance. Malaysia Ministry of Finance has ensured to sustain and continue the economic growth; effective and prudent financial management and prosperity for the people and the nation Malaysia. Besides, Malaysia enactment of Finance Act 2017 has … Continue reading Finance in Malaysia

China and Malaysia Jointly Promote The Industrial Park In Cooperation Focusing The Technology Industry

  In the present, China and Malaysia have two industrial parks which are China-Malaysia Qing Zhou Industrial Park and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park. The two parks were built as a “two-country twin parks” model of the national strategic level; creating a new model of international production cooperation and a pioneering exploration of China’s “one way” … Continue reading China and Malaysia Jointly Promote The Industrial Park In Cooperation Focusing The Technology Industry

Finance In Thailand

  Thailand became an upper-middle income economy in 2011. Over the last four decades, Thailand has made remarkable progress in social and economic development, moving from a low-income country to an upper-income country in less than a generation. As such, Thailand has been one of the widely cited development success stories, with sustained strong growth … Continue reading Finance In Thailand

Vietnam’s Financial Background: What you need to know?

  In recent years, India, Vietnam and Indonesia have been agreed as the three regions are the worthiest places for investment in Southeast Asia. Since there is a lot of investment opportunities, investors also come to these places for investment, but most of the results are not satisfactory. People should have a comprehensive understanding of … Continue reading Vietnam’s Financial Background: What you need to know?

Smart Financial Centre

  The financial sector is an integral part of Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation. Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) seeks to create a Smart Financial Centre where technology is used universally in the financial industry in order to increase efficiency, create opportunities, allow better risks management, and improve lives for technology savvy user. … Continue reading Smart Financial Centre

Financial markets Indonesia

  The Indonesian financial markets have shown a remarkable recovery from the Asian Financial Crisis in the 1990s. Prudent fiscal management and strengthening economic fundamentals were behind Indonesia’s robust economic growth from the mid-2000s (although the global economic slowdown and low commodity prices caused Indonesia’s economic slowdown in the years 2011-2015). Meanwhile, Indonesia’s benchmark Jakarta … Continue reading Financial markets Indonesia

Finance Development in Cambodia

Ministry of Economy and Finance is responsible as an administrator of finance and economic affair in Cambodia.  This ministry is commission by Royal Kingdom of Cambodia to perform missions of guidance in economic and financial affairs.  Their duties is to  implement and monitor its  progress of government  economic and financial policies, management and coordination of … Continue reading Finance Development in Cambodia

Finance Development in Laos

History and Development Lao Peoples Democratic Republic, commonly called Laos, landlocked country in Southeast Asia, surrounded byCambodia, Myanmar, China, Thailand, Vietnam as neighboring country.  Laosis one-party socialist republic where it embraced Marxism and rule by LaosPeople’s Revolutionary Party and the capital city of Laos is Vientiane. Laos is multi-ethnic, politically and culturally different but dominated by … Continue reading Finance Development in Laos

BDO (Banco de Oro) Unibank

Background  BDO Unibank, Inc. is a Philippine banking company, founded on August 16, 1967 andis headquartered in Makati, Philippines. In terms of total assets, the firm is the largest bank in the Philippines, fifteenth largest in Southeast Asia, 116th largest in Asia, and the 234th largest bank globally as of March 31, 2016. BDO Unibank … Continue reading BDO (Banco de Oro) Unibank

Vantage Equities

Background Vantage Equities, Inc. was incorporated in the Philippines and registered with the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on October 20, 1992 and is headquartered in Pasig, Philippines. Vantage Equities, Inc. is an investment and financial holding company, which engages in the provision of Internet online-related products and services. The primary business of the … Continue reading Vantage Equities