Procurement of Property in Singapore

  Since in the early 1970s, the Singaporean government had a hand in the property market. They gradually imposing a series of thresholds and restrictions on foreigners buying property in Singapore since their country has a limited supply –given the limited land space. This is to ensure the property market is segmented and favours Singaporean … Continue reading Procurement of Property in Singapore

Singapore Technology and Science Development

  Singapore has established research and development centers, which functions as a place to develop manpower for all companies based in Singapore which had encouraged local and international companies to invest in Singapore and contribute to its economy.  For example, National University of Singapore has begun a graphene research, which will be used in two-dimensional … Continue reading Singapore Technology and Science Development

Smart Financial Centre

  The financial sector is an integral part of Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation. Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) seeks to create a Smart Financial Centre where technology is used universally in the financial industry in order to increase efficiency, create opportunities, allow better risks management, and improve lives for technology savvy user. … Continue reading Smart Financial Centre