China and Malaysia Jointly Promote The Industrial Park In Cooperation Focusing The Technology Industry

  In the present, China and Malaysia have two industrial parks which are China-Malaysia Qing Zhou Industrial Park and Malaysia-China Kuantan Industrial Park. The two parks were built as a “two-country twin parks” model of the national strategic level; creating a new model of international production cooperation and a pioneering exploration of China’s “one way” … Continue reading China and Malaysia Jointly Promote The Industrial Park In Cooperation Focusing The Technology Industry

‘The Belt and Road’ to Promote Malaysia to be Steadily Rising; to Become One of Advanced Countries in 2020

  600 years ago, Zheng He came to Malacca and started one of the Malacca’s historical origins, “the Belt and Road”. With the development of China’s “the Belt and Road”, bilateral trade between China-Malaysia and China-ASEAN have increased substantially while this brings more foreign investment opportunities for Malacca and Malaysia as a whole. According to … Continue reading ‘The Belt and Road’ to Promote Malaysia to be Steadily Rising; to Become One of Advanced Countries in 2020

Finance In Thailand

  Thailand became an upper-middle income economy in 2011. Over the last four decades, Thailand has made remarkable progress in social and economic development, moving from a low-income country to an upper-income country in less than a generation. As such, Thailand has been one of the widely cited development success stories, with sustained strong growth … Continue reading Finance In Thailand

Science and Technology in Thailand

  Thailand is one of the world leading agricultural country where they also one of the top food exporter which increased their competitive advantage among the few food exporters and leading agricultural countries in the world.  Thailand’s strict intellectual property law enforcement, fully-trained technicians, abundant science and technology parks and abundance of biodiversity contributed to … Continue reading Science and Technology in Thailand

Science and Technology in Vietnam

  Vietnam is currently working towards enhancing their science and technology industry which will drive sustainable growth in order to boost their economy after the Vietnam War and unification of South and North Vietnam in the 1970-1990s. A joint study  in 2014 by Organization of Economic and Cooperation Development  and World Bank states that Vietnam … Continue reading Science and Technology in Vietnam

Singapore Technology and Science Development

  Singapore has established research and development centers, which functions as a place to develop manpower for all companies based in Singapore which had encouraged local and international companies to invest in Singapore and contribute to its economy.  For example, National University of Singapore has begun a graphene research, which will be used in two-dimensional … Continue reading Singapore Technology and Science Development

Smart Financial Centre

  The financial sector is an integral part of Singapore’s ambition to be a Smart Nation. Money Authority of Singapore (MAS) seeks to create a Smart Financial Centre where technology is used universally in the financial industry in order to increase efficiency, create opportunities, allow better risks management, and improve lives for technology savvy user. … Continue reading Smart Financial Centre

Cambodian Science and Technology Development

  After gaining independence in 1945 from Netherlands,  Indonesia issued a document titled Constitution 1945 of Republic of Indonesia*, which is this document on chapter 31 emphasized the importance of science and technology development in Indonesia, especially after the WWII and last civil war in Indonesia.  Under Suharto, President of Indonesia at the time began … Continue reading Cambodian Science and Technology Development

Laos Science and Technology Development

Laos is the landlocked country inSoutheast Asia surrounded by Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and China has recently continuing its plan on improving its science and technology industry to compete with other competitive Southeast Asian nations.  Laos has prepared plans and strategy for this sector focused on developing scientific and technological thought, as well as human … Continue reading Laos Science and Technology Development

Brunei Research Council (BRC)

Background The Brunei Research Council (BRC) was established by Government, to promote and encourage research which can change to national development. The Brunei Research Council Secretariat is located at the Department of Economic Planning and Development(JPKE), Prime Minister’s Office. A special fund known as the BRC Fund has been allocated at BND 200 million under … Continue reading Brunei Research Council (BRC)