Vietnam Property

This Year Vietnam Industry Will Allow Low Cost Housing to Lead the Real Estate Market   Vietnam Real Estate Association Secretary-General Chen Yuguang said the public demand for ordinary housing accounts for about 70% of total housing demand, so the housing will have the opportunity to become a hot area of real estate and lead … Continue reading Vietnam Property

Vietnam’s Financial Background: What you need to know?

  In recent years, India, Vietnam and Indonesia have been agreed as the three regions are the worthiest places for investment in Southeast Asia. Since there is a lot of investment opportunities, investors also come to these places for investment, but most of the results are not satisfactory. People should have a comprehensive understanding of … Continue reading Vietnam’s Financial Background: What you need to know?

Science and Technology in Vietnam

  Vietnam is currently working towards enhancing their science and technology industry which will drive sustainable growth in order to boost their economy after the Vietnam War and unification of South and North Vietnam in the 1970-1990s. A joint study  in 2014 by Organization of Economic and Cooperation Development  and World Bank states that Vietnam … Continue reading Science and Technology in Vietnam